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Probate / Estate Planning

OMD Solicitors LLP can provide you with expert advice on all areas of Probate law and we will assist personal representatives by guiding them in administering a deceased’s estate in a timely and efficient manner.

The identity of the personal representative will depend on whether the deceased left a will and named an executor in it. If not, there are rules which govern who is entitled to act as the personal representative.

We can guide personal representatives (executors and administrators) through the administration process, assist you in identifying all relevant assets and liabilities, deal with financial intuitions and advise you, as appropriate, on potential tax liabilities and inheritance tax liability dates.

We can also advise you on potential legal claims, for example, the right of a spouse to a legal right share, the rights of a co-habitant or the rights of a child to an inheritance from a parent. We can also advise beneficiaries on their entitlements.

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